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The above video is "40 Million Mistakes" which 60 minutes aired on Feb. 10, 2013. And in their investigation of the credit reporting industry shows that those mistakes can be nearly impossible to get removed from your record.

40 million consumers could benefit from our services. Are you one of them?

Credit bureaus are well known for tracking consumers’ credit history, including tabulating such details as whether they pay their bills on time and how much debt they carry. And as evidenced by the recent case of Julie Miller, who was awarded $18 million after she sued Equifax — one of the three main credit reporting bureaus — for failing to correct major mistakes in her credit report, the information they compile can sometimes be riddled with errors.

But the bureaus also maintain information that has nothing to do with credit, from consumers’ home addresses to their employment records. While that data isn’t used to calculate credit scores, lenders can access this personal information and use it to help evaluate borrowers who are applying for credit — even to justify denying them a loan altogether. Individuals who change addresses often, for instance, may be presumed less financially stable and harder to track down if unpaid debts ever need to be collected, says Louis Hyman, a consumer-credit historian and assistant professor at Cornell University. Similarly, those who change jobs every few months could be viewed as more likely to miss payments, he says.

Proven results

What makes us better?

We can show results!

We have an ever increasing number of clients that we have helped repair their credit reports using our unique and individualized dispute methods. Click on any of the following samples of responses from the Credit Bureaus and see the type of results that we had achieved.

What make us different?

We create unique dispute letters!

We create unique dispute letters, with not only a different font or color but unique "content" (text). The reason why is that they will scan the letter using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and convert the image into text that can be stored on a database and compared against a database of preexisting letters in attempt to flag your dispute as frivolous or denied as soon as it is received.

Why are we special?

Service versus cost, like no other!

Unfortunately the credit repair industry has many businesses that either over charge their clients or provide a poor level of service, such as sending "canned" responses the bureaus or worse yet may not adhere to state and federal laws. We are here to define the industry by providing exemplary service at an affordable cost for everyone.

Why hire us if ...

... anything a credit repair company can do legally, you can do for yourself at little or no cost and All consumers have the right to order copies of their credit reports and dispute any inaccurate information they contain.

The answer is simple and the same could be said of many services people already pay for. As an example, many prefer to have an accountant complete and file their taxes each year for various reasons. For most people, it is simply not worth to learn all of the tax rules and then take the time to complete all of the paperwork. It is more efficient to pay someone who already has the knowledge, experience, and tools to do the job for them.

Accountants can't do anything you can not do for yourself, yet they are in demand and widely used. The same can be said about car mechanics, lawn care businesses and many other fields including credit repair companies such as Gator Credit Repair that helps clients that do not have the time or desire to complete the project themselves.